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Our Consulting Services
Recova Research will help you achieve better business results. We generate strategic improvements and drive fundamental change in your organization.

Performance Management Assessment

Interested in finding out how well your business is doing? Want to know how your current processes compare to others in your industry? Need to provide ROI justification to management to move your project forward? If so, then this service is for you. It will help you assess where your business currently stands and provide a projected ROI for implementing changes.

Performance Metrics Development
The goal of this service is to enable you to develop scorecards that provide forward business visibility. We will assist your staff in developing a core set of key performance indicators (KPIs) which will play a key role in the ultimate success of your BPM initiative, and tie your KPIs to action plans or ownership and accountability.

Performance Management Project
We provide a seasoned project expert with years of BPM experience on the business issues, key technology platforms, and expertise in enterprise-wide project management to work with your internal IT or Finance project managers. Our BPM project managers know the steps to a successful implementation and will work with your team to lay out and manage to the right project plan. They then work closely with the technical implementation team to make sure the design is properly implemented in the vendors' software.

Advisory On-demand Services
Globalization, automation, outsourcing, compliance, and rapidly changing market dynamics have simultaneously elevated the importance and challenges of value chain management. Recova Research's Advisory Service provides insight and support to answer your most challenging value chain and technology questions. Specific client needs and challenges can be addressed by customized consulting projects.

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