Best practices for achieving
operational and financial
performance improvements

Recent Publications


"The High Performance Enterprise"
By W. Kruz, A. Stratigakis, and G. Hunt
This book presents a clear and comprehensive methodology for improving the financial performance of a firm. It focuses on achieving optimum utilization of capital assets and human resources to support the firms business strategy create a competitive advantage. It complements publications on Balanced Scorecard by providing detailed sets of performance metrics applicable to Supply Chain, Customer Relationship Management, and Human Capital improvement projects and offers a methodology for developing a performance metrics framework.

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"Direct Outcomes: Think Well, Do Great "
By T. Buckholtz
Direct Outcomes provides 9 vital techniques for thinking well and doing great. Learn, apply, benefit from, and teach the techniques. Determine, communicate, and achieve “what we need to do,” “how well we should do it,” “who best should do it and how,” and “the impact it will have” throughout essentially all business-like activities. Gain dozens of Direct Outcomes applications. Use the applications to improve products, services, marketing, sales, enterprises, leadership, projects, teams, productivity, teamwork, learning, careers, governance, and society-building.

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