Research On-demand

Recova Research can conduct research exclusively for your organization based on your specific needs. Your custom research can help evaluate market or product trends or examine best practices and methodologies. Our experience and flexibility help you determine the research design and data collection method that best meets your project need, timeline and budget. For custom research, Recova Research leverages its exclusive research panel comprised of business and technology members from global organizations.

Recova practices focus on process improvement, business innovation, supply chain performance, and business intelligence. From instant coverage of breaking news, to in-depth research reports on selected technologies and markets, Recova Research offers a full spectrum of research services to meet your needs, when you need it.

Recova Research undertakes research in the following area:

  • Business Performance Management system - design and implementation
  • Managing with measures
  • Measuring intangible assets
  • Predictive performance
  • Business Performance Management frameworks
  • Business Performance Management and IT system
  • Business Performance Management and rewards

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